Take your driving to the next level

It is our philosophy that you can always make a vehicle faster and more balanced. That is why we developed the Polestar Engineered Optimization, a performance package that combines more engine power and torque with enhancing powertrain adjustments. You will gain more control and become a more confident driver.

The mark of performance

The exclusive Polestar Engineered rear emblem subtly lets the world know your vehicle has been optimized.

In-display Polestar Engineered mode

Latest-generation Volvos also have Polestar Engineered mode added to their drive mode selection menu.

What upgrades will your car get?

Two factors define which upgrades a Polestar Engineered Optimization adds to your Volvo. These are its powertrain and generation:

  • All (SPA, CMA and Drive-e) automatic vehicles get five upgrades – AWD torque distribution does not apply to all vehicles; see below.
  • All vehicles with manual transmission get two upgrades: Power when you need it (engine performance) and Swift reactions (throttle response).
  • All Volvos of the latest generation (SPA and CMA platforms) with AWD also get rear-wheel power (AWD torque distribution).