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Volvo V40

T4 FWD Automatic 2015

Approved for Polestar Engineered Optimisation.

Purchase Reference

When visiting your Volvo dealer quote the following references to describe the product you refer.

Article number: 31380841

Polestar ID: 1672

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Power & Torque Mid-Range max starting from rpm shown.

Original: 240
Optimised: 285

Power Peak (hp)

Original: 180
Optimised: 200

Power Peak (kW)

Original: 132
Optimised: 147

Power Peak (rpm)

Original: 5700
Optimised: 5750

Torque (Nm)

Original: 240
Optimised: 285

Torque Peak (rpm)

Original: 1600-5000
Optimised: 2000-4250

Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s)

Original: 8.5
Optimised: 8.2

A Volvo with the Polestar Performance Optimization has the same certified fuel consumption and emissions as the original engine version.