There is always a next level

It is our philosophy that you can always make a car faster and more balanced. A Polestar Engineered Optimisation is a performance package that combines more engine power and torque with enhancing powertrain adjustments. The result is a next level driving experience.

The mark of performance

The exclusive Polestar Engineered rear badge subtly lets the world know your car has been optimised.

Original warranties unaffected

An optimisation leaves your original warranty and service intervals unaffected.

In-display Polestar Engineered mode

Latest generation Volvos also have Polestar Engineered mode added to their drive mode selection menu.

Unchanged fuel consumption and emissions

An optimisation does not alter fuel consumption or emission levels.

Installation in less than 60 minutes

Our optimisations take about an hour to install – and are always carried out by authorised Volvo Cars dealers.

What upgrades will your car get?

Two factors define which upgrades a Polestar Engineered Optimisation adds to your Volvo. These are its power train and generation:

  • All (SPA, CMA and Drive-e) automatic cars get five upgrades – AWD torque distribution is conditional, see below.
  • All cars with manual transmission get two upgrades: Power when you need it (engine performance) and Swift reactions (throttle response).
  • All Volvos of the latest generation (SPA and CMA platforms) with AWD, also get rear wheel power (AWD torque distribution).